Ubuntu Graphical interface shaded with text: Manifestsolution

Ubuntu installed in your system remains to be your favourite only till the time it doesn’t start troubling you. The chances that you may start getting problems soon after you install may be lesser than that you start getting once its put-to-use. There may be many situations when your system may simply not go according to your will, in other words you wish to say “go” and it simply says “NO”. If that’s your situation then probably the situation says that you get a text instead of Graphical interface whenever you try to start your computer.


Though its thing to worry, but as it’s said, where there is a will, there is a way. So you have the will to see for a solution and I bring out the way to do so.

As a matter of technical fact the graphical interface used in Ubuntu comes in two parts: X and GNOME. The X server is an underlying chunk of software, has been assigned with some crucial tasks. The reason of its presence is to ensures your graphics card and monitor work, and it provides a base for GNOME to run on. And then it’s the GNOME desktop uses X as an engine to create the rich desktop platform you have been using. And as said above that if your issue is that you can’t see the graphical interface and just the texts are visible to you that is surely of no importance to you, then it’s for sure that the problematic zone is X.

It’s for sure now you crave for the needed solution. In that case you need to start with rebooting your computer to see if that fixes the problem. After the aforesaid process of booting, you still feel yourself to be in the same circle of problem then probably Ubuntu may have told you that it cannot start X. In case you missed out the message in the nervousness of the results then simply press Ctrl-Alt-F7 to see if you can access the graphical interface. If even this step brings out no big solutions to you then its cent percent confirmed now that the problem is with configuration of X.

Another flow of technical information says that X stores its configuration in /etc/X11/xorg.conf. You may find this rude but before you start suffering with the fact of understanding the configuration, it is always wise to make a backup of the file. You may feel me to be fool, but the fact says that even if the X is not starting, some other parts of the configuration may be working fine. This step may surely give you a gulp of relief.

foo@bar:~$ cd /etc/X11

foo@bar:~$ sudocpxorg.confxorg.conf.old

The reason why I mentioned the above codes is that you need to move to the /etc/X11 directory and then you use the cp command to copy the existing file (xorg.conf) to a backup file (xorg.conf.old). Also now you are in a safer zone and now you have both axorg.conf and a xorg.conf.old with the same information in them.

After this simply that you need to do is running the X configuration process:

foo@bar:~$ sudodpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

As soon as you fed your system with this command, the hierarchy of configuration will start, also do keep in concern that you should experiment with different settings in the routine. Also if you wish to know X configuration, and then give this link a look https://wiki.ubuntu.com/debuggingxauto.

TIP: Restricted Drivers

Also you should be aware of this rapid fire question about Ubuntu that it only ships with fully Open Source graphics drivers. Also it’s true and good for the users that there are closed source drivers available for ATI and Nvidia cards. And then even keep this in mind that whenever you need information about these drivers, the best option is to refer the manufacturer’s site, this may help you out allot.

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